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The Cold War and American Music

The Cold War and its impact on American music, at home and abroad, are the organizing motifs of this international conference. It explored proliferating genres and their respective fusions within American music – from jazz to R&B, to rock-and-roll, to folk and classical music – across a geographic and historical continuum. It will examine the relationship between regionalism and urbanism, on the one hand, and genre hierarchies on the other. Given that music was a pivotal aspect of American Cold War diplomacy, this conference charted the ways in which American music was produced, received and assimilated in Europe, including the Soviet Union, with particular attention paid to Germany.

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  • Conference: The Cold War and American Music 1945-2000

    Conference on "The Cold War and American Music" running from June 22nd to June 23rd, 2012 at the Center for Advanced Studies. It is being co-organized by the LMU, the German Historical Institute and Catholic University, both at Washington DC and is supported by the Lasky Center. mehr